Specialized in foundation construction

Since its establishing in 2001 until today Hidroinject Ltd. follows high standards of performance of large and small projects in the scope of hydrotechnical construction. This is possible thanks to both of our highly qualified team of professionals and builders, and the modern technology that we use. Our company is relatively young, but the engineers working with us have more than 25 years of experience in hydrotechnical construction.

The main criteria to follow in the performance of each project are related to work safety, reliability after the project implementation and cost optimization.

Main activities of the company

  • Hidrotechnical construction
  • Deep foundations
    • piles
    • diaphragm walls
    • anchors
  • Construction of sewage networks
  • Drilling-injection works
  • Shotcrete blasting
  • Waterproofings
  • Strengthening of landslides and collapses for civil and industrial construction
  • Shore strenghtening
  • Construction of water treatment plants for sewage
  • Engineering

Hidroinject Ltd. also perform construction, assembly and repair works, research, technology, business, study and design activities in the country and abroad.