Our clients

Thanks to our highly qualified staff, modern equipment and offering an optimal solution for each assigned project, we won the confidence of major partners from the public and private sector. Together we successfully had realized more than 250 small and big projects for the past four years.


NEC Jsc.

NEC Jsc. – company "Dams and cascades"

NEC Jsc. – company Hydro power station group Rila

Sofia municipality

Sofia municipality – region "Vitosha"

Sofinvest Ltd.

Municipality Karlovo

Municipality administration – town of Kostinbrod

Sofyiska voda Jsc.

АТ Engineerинг 2000 Jsc.

Ruen Holding Jsc.

Petrol Jsc.

Balkanstroy Jsc.

Karrat Group Ltd.

Sunstroy Ltd.

Sharus Ltd.

El Stomana Ltd.

Dedalos Ltd.

GUSV – Sofia

Litex Commerce Jsc.

Litex tower Jsc.

GBS – Sofia Jsc.

Moststroy Jsc.

Intertaim Continental Jsc.

Sofia Med Jsc.

Ministry of Justice