Wide range of own machinery

In 2005 our company introduce on Bulgarian market new range of machines for the performance of piles and diaphragm walls, which have to be executed in very hard city" conditions. We have high quality equipment from leading manufacturers in the world for different types of construction activities.

Our criteria for selection of equipment are associated with security, optimal performance of its tasks and respect to the environment. To achieve long-lasting and quality results we rely heavily on the selection of qualified staff possessing the necessary competence for the use of construction equipment.

New equipment

В200 В200
Equipment for piles
Model: B200XP
Year of production: 2013
Max torque: 210 kNm
Max drilling speed: 34 rpm
Max. Depth: 34.00 m
Weight: 63.00 t
Tool diameter (screw): Max drilling dia with casing1500 mm

Hidroinject owns high quality machinery: