The facility will connect the Island with the Health Zone and is located in the area between the lion’s cage in the Zoo and the big bend on Milo Voyvoda Street in the industrial zone.

The bridge will be 108 m long and 6 m wide, of which 5 m are intended for a pedestrian zone. There is a ramp for access for disadvantaged people and prams.

Мост над река МарицаHidroinjekt LTD. performs the first stage of construction. Thanks to the innovations and high technologies used in the construction of the bridge facility, it is not necessary to divert the bed of the Maritsa River. Instead, barriers have been built that make the construction and installation activities of the site possible.

The future bridge will be built on piles 880 filled with siege and a single depth of 18 m and 15 m. The test for loading of a piles under axial pressure will be performed on 1 additional test and 2 anchor piles performed in the site area.

The vertical load test will be performed to confirm the load-bearing capacity of the pilot at a test load of up to 110% of the working load.
The first stage of construction is successfully completed according to plan – on March 28. The entire facility should be ready in the second quarter of 2020.