Hidroinjekt Ltd. was established in 2001 and is one of the innovators on the construction market. The company specializes in hydraulic engineering and civil engineering – piles, diaphragm walls, anchors. Since 2005, Hidroinjekt Ltd. has provided its partners with a new opportunity: strengthening buildings in highly urbanized areas by importing the only machine of its kind that allows work in tight urban conditions.

Part of the company’s services are also shotcreting, waterproofing, welding and laying of HDPE and PP pipes for plumbing, complete implementation of projects, including design and construction. “Hidroinjekt” Ltd. has equipment for the implementation of secant piles and piles with a diameter of up to 1500mm, compacted steel profiles and sheet pile walls. Hidroinjekt Ltd. meets all the needs of the modern construction market in its narrow specialization. Over the years, it has developed following the latest and high technologies, thus providing exceptional quality and timeliness. The company has highly qualified teams who with their experience contribute to the successful development of the company.

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Hidroinjekt Ltd. has the highest class of technological equipment for construction. It invests every year in the renovation of the already purchased equipment and completes the range with new mechanization. It relies on new machines from established world manufacturers. It relies on proven brands, even when it means investing more money. Most equipment suppliers are long-term business partners. In this way Hidroinjekt Ltd. guarantees the quality of execution.

Hidroinjekt Ltd. participates in the construction of a number of infrastructure projects of national and regional importance. One of our biggest and most complex projects is the implementation of diaphragm walls of Metro Stations 5, 6 and 7 of the second metro diameter of the Sofia Metro. Hidroinjekt Ltd. participates in this project as a subcontractor of the General Contractor. The deepest diaphragm walls are 36.5 m, which is quite complicated to implement. Approximately 12 storey building, but underground.

Another interesting project is the implementation of a slot anti-filtration wall – over 5,000 m2 for MTPP Kunino and MTPP Karlukovo.

Quite a large-scale project implemented by Hidroinjekt Ltd. is the laying of HDPE foil at TPP Maritsa-East – Gypsum Depot – 190,000 m2.