Sludge depot for water and gas purification "Aurubis Bulgaria" AD


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Industrial construction

The sludge depot is a completely newly built depot for calcium-arsenic, located on the territory of Aurubis Bulgaria. It is designed and implemented in accordance with all requirements of Ordinance №6 / 27.08.2013. HIDROINJEKT LTD performed all construction and installation works according to the project until the commissioning of the facility. The scope of works included: excavation (134,977 m3) and bulk (35,219 m3) works; package of geosynthetic materials (over 27,000 m2 in total), including: drainage geocomposite, geosynthetic mineral substrates, HDPE membrane, geotextile 200 g / m2; drainages, pipelines and equipment, include: drainage cores, discharge collector, pumping stations, shafts (collection and distribution), plumbing clean water; concrete and formwork works with all architectural elements and facilities, executed on site monolithically; road works, including all roads and sites serving the landfill; Electrical networks, incl .: lighting, working power supply, poles; irrigation system with pipes and sprinklers; control and monitoring system.