Anti-filtration curtains

Since its inception, HIDROINJEKT Ltd. has been working on the injection and construction of anti-filtration curtains, and has implemented a number of projects for repair of dam walls on some of the most important projects in Bulgaria, as our clients were: NEK EAD, NEK – ENTERPRISE VETS GROUP RILA, KUNINO ENERGY, DUNDY PRESS METALS, RUEN HOLDING AD.

Various types, tasks and volume of cementation works are performed at different hydrotechnical facilities. Under the dam walls, anti-filtration curtains are built and surface cementation is performed, injection is performed at the base of the diversion, water intake and overflow facilities.

Injection hardening of rocks

In the construction of anti-filtration curtains, the injection hardening of rocks is applied (mainly by cementation), which is most widely used in the hydraulic engineering construction, in which Hidroinjekt LTD is closely specialized. It is used in the construction of anti-filtration curtains on dam walls, the main purpose of which is to seal the rock base and reduce its water permeability. It is also used to increase the strength of the rock and reduce its deformability. For this purpose, a large volume of injection work is performed.

Compaction of the rock base

Reduction of water permeability