Hidroinjekt Ltd. is fully provided with human and machine resources for the implementation of fortification measures of landslides and collapse. Our company has many years of experience in this field and for this reason has been repeatedly selected as a Contractor for emergency implementation of landslide / collapse reinforcement, as preventive measures for this type of anti-erosion measures.

What are landslides?

A landslide is a natural phenomenon in which the stability of large earth masses is disturbed and preconditions are created for their movement. The reasons for the occurrence of landslides are related to the strongly rugged relief and other specific geological features in certain areas. Landslide processes are not sudden and can be regulated by technical means. Over time, they have periods of attenuation and intensification.


Types of landslides

Formed in slopes homogeneous in lithological composition.

Formed on pre-existing weakened zones in homogeneous or heterogeneous in lithological composition slopes.

Landslides developed is an inhomogeneous massif, and the landslide line has a complex shape, pressing several lithological layers.

Factors influencing the instability of the terrain

Of the natural factors, these are the mentioned erosions, sea abrasion, channel river processes and earthquakes. These processes are natural and in many cases cannot be avoided in any way unless preventive strengthening measures are taken. Factors from human activity:

  • Improperly performed excavation and construction activities;
  • Using an explosion in conditions that do not allow this;
  • Deforestation and destruction of vegetation;
  • Overloading of earth slopes that have a low coefficient of safety;
  • Use of inappropriate equipment, etc.