Hidroinjekt Ltd. has a full range of machines for laying and welding of PVC and HDPE membranes. Our teams have many years of experience in waterproofing foundations, underground facilities and tunnels.

In almost all underground facilities and tunnels it stands to solve the problem of groundwater. The water inflow must be very precisely managed and controlled during the actual construction activities. Groundwater has a serious adverse effect on structures, so we at Hidroinjekt Ltd. find a solution to limit the effect of it during the exploration activities on the construction site. Underground facilities and tunnels are extremely vulnerable if they are not properly waterproofed.

The waterproofing of groundwater during the laying of foundations, underground facilities and tunnels prevents the passage of water under hydrostatic pressure from the soil to the interior of the facility.

Advantages of PVC and HDPE membranes

The main characteristics and advantages of PVC and HDPE membranes for waterproofing of foundations, underground facilities and tunnels are:

  • Watertightness;
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive substances contained in soil and groundwater;
  • Resistance to microorganisms and root penetration;
  • High strength and elasticity;
  • Very good ductility at negative temperatures;
  • High vapor permeability;
  • Resistance to aging.