Инж. Алеко Младенов

Construction Group Manager

He completed his master’s degree at MGU in 2010. – specialty Engineering Geology, eng. Aleko Mladenov is one of our young engineers, who accepted construction as his vocation.

He joined the team of Hidroinjekt in 2008. as a young specialist. His hard work, the many projects carried out under his direct supervision as a technical manager, help him gain enough experience to be responsible for and manage several construction sites simultaneously.

He has participated as a manager in the implementation of some of the most important sites of the company, such as: Metro station 11 of the 2nd metro diameter of the Sofia Metro, Metro station 7 of the 2nd Metro diameter of the Sofia Metro, Strengthening of the excavation of Business Park complex BSR – buildings 4 and 5 – phase I, Reinforcement of the excavation of the building “Golden Age” and many others.

Eng. Aleko Mladenov